Sunday, February 14, 2010

You've Lost That Loving Feeling?

According to Elizabeth Scott, M.S., stress in your life can lead to low libido. You may have already instinctively felt this, but studies prove that general stressors in your life can impact your sex drive. That means job stress, financial stress, the stress of being too busy, and especially relationship stress can negatively impact your libido, possibly causing stress in yet another area of your life.

Stress can affect your libido for several reasons.

Stress Response Affects Hormones

When you react to stress, your body goes through a series of changes in order to prepare you to run away or stay and fight, called your fight or flight response. Part of this response is the release of hormones such as cortisol and epinephrine (or adrenaline). If your stress response isn’t reversed, it can contribute to a condition known as chronic stress, and can also interfere with the hormones involved in your sexual response. The result can be low libido.
Busy Lifestyles Drain Sexual Energy

Many of us find ourselves busier than we ever thought possible. Especially for women, juggling multiple responsibilities of parenting, jobs, and keeping the household afloat can lead to an absolutely packed schedule. How can lead to low libido? Being constantly busy means having little down time, which can be an energy drain and a drain on your sex drive. A busy schedule can mean a busy mind — and having a lot on your mind can make it difficult to relax and "get in the mood," especially for women. A busy schedule can even present difficulties in finding the time for sex, or make it feel like just one more thing on your mile-long "to-do list." All of these factors can contribute to a lower libido.
Relationship Stress Can Hinder Intimacy

Relationship issues are perhaps the biggest issue to look at when dealing with low libido. Studies show that relationship stress— stress due to conflict within the relationship and other factors inside the relationship can be a stronger factor in low libido than other types of stress. This is true for both men and women. And because men and women both say that their partner’s satisfaction impacts their own libido, a lack of interest in one partner can mean a lack of interest for both partners. Low libido itself can be part of a conflicted dynamic that can lead to -- you guessed it -- more problems with low libido!

Studies also show that "positive touch" by a partner can have a soothing effect on women and help a woman feel more resilient toward stress, so losing this stress buffer can be another turn in a downward spiral of stress and low libido. Because relationship conflict can cause stress, lead to more circumstances that cause stress, and deprive you of stress-buffering effects as well, relationship difficulties are important to work through for the sake of your sex life.

Aromatherapy, especially when applied with massage, is a great way to promote mutual relaxation and kindle romance by calming the stress response!

How do essential oils affect the body's stress alarm system? Research* has led scientists to the conclusion that one of the reasons essential oils work as "balancers" in a person's nervous system is that they contain a complex assortment of biochemicals, some of which are stimulating and some of which are sedating. It appears that the actions of these multiple chemicals present in aromatic plant oils are synergistic and complementary, stimulating certain parts of the brain and sedating other parts at the same time, creating an overall beneficial, balancing effect. Curiously, the oils seem to "know" chemically which action is most needed! In aromatherapy, these oils are referred to as "adaptogens" because they can create different influences, depending on what the person needs for balance.

*Tisserand, R., "Essential Oils as Therapeutic agents" in Dodd, G.H. and Van Toller, S., Perfumery: The Psychology and Biology of Fragrance 1, Chapmand and Hall,1190, p.169

Recommended Essential Oils For Female Libido:

Jasmine Absolute
Ylang Ylang

Recommended Essential Oils For Male Libido:

Black Pepper
Ylang Ylang
(Jen's note: Ok, the names of these recommended EO blends from my reference guide made me snicker! There are many women out there who would say their sex life would be fine if he would just think (Brain Power) and change (Transformation). Too funny! )

Any of the oils listed can be diffused into the air or diluted 50:50 in jojoba or grapeseed oil for topical application. Massage 4-6 drops of the mixture on neck, shoulders and lower abdomen 1-3 times daily. The seductive floral Young Living Sensation EO Blend is also formulated in a bath gel and premixed massage oil.

Happy Valentine's Day!
Be Well, Jen


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