Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Frankincense Used to Treat Bladder Cancer

From News.com.au, March 2009

FRANKINCENSE, an aromatic tree oil and in Christian tradition one of the three wise men's gifts to the baby Jesus, may be a helpful treatment for bladder cancer, according to a study published today.

US scientists tested an enriched extract of the frankincense herb boswellia carteri on both human bladder cancer cells and normal bladder cells in laboratory experiments.

The oil suppressed cancer growth and activated mechanisms which kill the dangerous cells, they said.

"Frankincense oil can discriminate bladder cancer cells and normal urothelial cells in culture. The oil suppresses cell survival and induces apoptosis in cultured bladder cancer cells," said the study.

Lead researcher Doctor Hsueh-Kung Lin of the University of Oklahoma said: "Frankincense oil may represent an inexpensive alternative therapy for patients currently suffering from bladder cancer."

The study noted that the oil originated from Africa, India and the Middle East and has been "important both socially and economically as an ingredient in incense and perfumes for thousands of years".

According to the Bible, it was presented to the infant Jesus by the three wise men, along with gold and myrrh.

The study was published in the online British Medical Council journal Complementary and Alternative Medicine.


Pennie said...

So, do they drink it, or how do they get it IN the bladder? My sister's had bladder cancer three times.

OilGirl said...

Oh, your poor sister, was there a lot of pain with it?

Yes, Young Living's frankincense is a therapeutic grade dietary supplement and can be put into capsules and taken orally. Most other brands are not suitable for this clinical type usage.

It is recommended in my desk reference that 7 drops diluted with 7 drops of olive oil is taken twice daily. For someone not used to essential oils I would start with 3 drops each 4 times daily.

Every 90 days a different EO should be rotated so cancer cells cannot build up resistance to one oil. I will be posting the list of the oils with the broadest spectrum of cancer fighting activity as well as oils best for specific types of cancer.

Holly said...

Hi OilGirl - I'm a big fan of essential oils and have been using them for years. Nice to discover your blog. I found your blog through BlogFrog and wanted to stop by and say welcome and congrats on your Premium Membership! If you ever have any questions or suggestions for how we can be better, just let us know!

Holly (BlogFrog)

Pennie said...

She'd probably have to take the capsules...she has dietary restrictions (she's also diabetic, high blood pressure, etc.) and I know has a limit on oils, fats, etc. that she can have...

Emily Anne said...

This blog is so neat! I didn't know you had one! :)

-Emily Bierbrauer

Can do mom said...

Hi Jen! I found you through Leah, of all things! :) I always knew you were a wealth of information, now I can follow you and read your wisdom right at my computer!

Your blog design is beautiful, by the way!

Cascia said...

Wow, that is pretty interesting.