Saturday, April 25, 2009

Aromatherapy For Autism and ADD/ADHD

This information (which I have edited for length), was compiled by Amanda at Healthlineonline, a forum on essential oils. Below is a list of Young Living Essential Oils helpful for ADD/ADHD and autism spectrum disorders. In the next post I will spotlight some of these single oils and blends as well as beneficial nutritional supplements with more details for practical use.

According to Dr. Stephanie Cave in her book titled What Your Doctor May NOT Tell You About Children's Vaccinations, "The biggest improvement comes when the toxic metals are removed from the children's bodies. We have seen nearly complete recovery in many of the two to seven year old children."Therapeutic essential oils have the ability to detoxify and remove metallics from our bodies!

For both ADHD/ADD and autism, stimulation of the limbic region of the brain may also help treat these disorders. The aromas from therapeutic essential oils have a powerful ability to stimulate this part of the brain, since the sense of smell is tied directly to the mind's emotional and hormonal centers. As a result, the aroma of an essential oil has the potential to exert a powerful influence on ADD/ADHD and autism.

In a two year case study (1999-2001) Dr. Terry Friedmann M. D. found significant results when children that had previously been diagnosed with ADD/ADHD were administered therapeutic essential oils by inhalation.The essential oils of Brain Power, Vetiver, Lavender, and Cedarwood were used.

The oils were administered in this fashion: one oil was administered by inhalation 3 times per day for 30 days. An inhalation device (diffuser) was also used at night to administer a continuous inhalation of oil.The inhalation of the oils proved to settle the children's brain waves back into normal patterns and improved their scholastic performance and behavioral patterns.

The final results were:

Lavender increased performance by 5%,

Cedarwood increased performance by 83%

Vetiver increased performance by 100%.

Essential oils have the ability to detoxify and oxygenate the body, something that research has been found to help these special children .


Brain Power: Supports concentration and mental clarity.

Frankincense: Very stimulating to the limbic system of the brain.

Cedarwood: Calming and purifying.

Lavender:Calming and relaxing to nervous system.

Peace and Calming: May reduce anxiety, stress, depression.

Valor: Detoxifying, promotes courage and self-esteem

Vetiver: Sedating, grounding, mood stabilizing

Joy: Uplifting, may help for depression.

All of the Young Living KidScents bath and body products are also beneficial since they do not contain petrochemicals and other toxic ingredients as most commercial brands do.

The products listed above are available at retail customer, preferred customer, and wholesale prices and are available for purchase on my personal Young Living website. Use Enroller #329194 if you log into the main Young Living website.

Feel free to use the Ask the Aromatherapist box on my sidebar if you have any questions!

Quote of the Week

"So what shall I do?

I will pray with my spirit,

but I will also pray with my mind;

I will sing with my spirit,

but I will also sing with my mind."

1 Corinthians 14:15

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The Judgement On Vaccines Is In?

This email from Generation Rescue was sent to me today. Please take the time to read the linked articles and information. Excellent resource for all parents !

Breaking News! - Jim Carrey responds about vaccines and the media.

Jim Carrey responds to CNN anchor Campbell Brown's commentary on the controversial Mumps, Measles, and Rubella vaccine in his article, "The Judgment on Vaccines is in?" on the Huffington Post.

Be sure to read Jim Carrey's personal letter addressing the tragedy of vaccines, autism, neurological disorders and chronic illness in our country today.

Please support our "Autism Whisperer" by leaving your comments after reading the article on the Huffington Post. To read the scientific support used for Jim Carrey's article on vaccines, causative factors of autism visit our Lincoln Memorial Page (you'll understand when you read the article) and our new but already infamous site

Sincerely, The team at Generation Rescue

Contact Information: phone: 1.877.98Autism

Monday, April 20, 2009

A Holistic Look At Autism

Like any other dis-ease, malady, or disorder a person may experience, mental and emotional health challenges must be addressed with a holistic approach to truly begin a journey toward healing. The whole person is affected by mental and emotional disorders, so it isn't just a matter of modifying behavior or pharmaceutically "fixing" up the brain to discontinue inappropriate behaviors or improve function.

Because essential oils have the innate intelligence to bring the body into balance, they can be a priceless tool for addressing autism and many other neurological disorders on a holistic level. I am very excited about the potential of integrating aromatherapy into educational programs and biomedical treatments to help those suffering from these illnesses. Like the motto for Jenny McCarthy's autism awareness organization, Generation Rescue, states--"Autism is reversible". I wholeheartedly believe that!

Let's look at some of the known contributing factors in persons experiencing autism.

Gastrointestinal disorders: Some researchers believe that gastrointestinal disorders may be linked to the brain dysfunctions that cause autism in children (Hovath et al.,1998) In fact, there have been several cases of successful treatment of autism using pancreatic enzymes.In the human body, essential oils stimulate the secretion of antibodies, neurotransmitters, endorphins, hormones, and enzymes.

Heavy metals: Ingredients like mercury and aluminum are especially concentrated in vaccinations and antibiotics, but also other environmental sources such as high fructose corn syrup, soda cans, cookware, antiperspirants, baking powder, aluminum foil, etc. Read a comprehensive list of heavy metal sources here, pretty shocking! These metals can build up in the body over time and be transferred to the developing fetus by the mother. These chemicals lodge in the fatty tissues of the body, which in turn, give off toxic gases that may cause allergic symptoms.

European scientists have studied the ability of essential oils to work as natural chelators, binding with heavy metals and petrochemicals and expelling them out of the body. Some success in reversing autism has resulted through heavy metal detoxification along with nutritional supplements.

Yeast overgrowth and parasites: In her book, He's Not Autistic, But...,Tenna Merchent describes how yeast and parasites are a byproduct of heavy metals in the body. Aluminum kills the body's natural bacteria, which allows yeast and parasites to flourish and as a result wreak havoc on digestion and mental function. Essential oils have powerful yeast, fungus, and parasite fighting properties as well as the ability to break down mucus plaque where these things like to multiply.

In the following posts, we will look at specific essential oils that are helpful for autism and the ways they can be used to achieve increased balance and well-being.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Oiling Myself Well

So sorry, dear followers, that I haven't posted for an entire week. I was busy battling a nasty respiratory bug of some sort, ahem, gathering research for my blog. I am rarely sick, but this was a tough one that hit me like a truck. Started with a fever, a swollen gland and ear, possibly tonsillitis, raw throat, massive mucus overload in my sinuses, and then congested lungs. My whole lymphatic system ached, no doubt clogged with mucus and the lymph node under my left arm was hard as rock down into my breast. It is my nature to stay positive and believe me,I worked at getting well, using every essential oil in my arsenal to move this bug along.

I don't do Nyquil or any Quil for that matter. Over the counter decongestants, cold medications, pain relievers? Nope. Here is how I used essential oils for this recent bout of yuck (remember these are medicinal, therapeutic grade essential oils--DO NOT take EOs internally unless they are labeled as a dietary supplement!).

Tea Tree (Melaleuca alternifolia) and Lavender (Lavendula angustifolia):
Applied these EOs 2 or 3 times daily for congested ears/glands. A drop of each EO mixed with a drop of jojoba or olive oil on a cotton swab then inserted halfway into ear, twisting gently to coat ear canal. Never drop EOs directly into ear!

For tonsillitis, I swab undiluted Tea Tree over the back of my throat--not pleasant to do, but almost immediate relief! Followed by hot water with fresh squeezed lemon, great for breaking up mucus and encouraging lymphatic circulation.

Thieves Hard Lozenges : I went through a whole box of these little gems! Great to suck on to soothe sore throats and cough and contains a powerful blend of EOs to fight bacteria in the ear, nose, and throat.

Inner Defense softgels: These are my silver bullets for respiratory issues, very , very strong thyme and oregano and other heavy hitting bacterial fighting EOs! I took 2-3 during the day with meals.

Life 5 Probiotics: These amped up my healthy intestinal flora that was struggling with mucus overload. Took one capsule at night.

Frankincense cleared out the congested lymph node and breast duct like nothing else! A 50/50 dilution of Frankincense in jojoba or olive oil rubbed over area, then I put a warm compress over it....ahhhh.

Eucalyptus globulus and Pine : I diffused these EOs like crazy throughout the house! Pine is a bronchial dilator and really helped expel the stuff lodged deep in my lungs.

Feel free to contact me for information about how to order these EOs and products for YOUR medicine cabinet or visit my online catalog for purchasing.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Quote of the Week

"He was wounded for our trangressions,
He was bruised for our iniquities;
The chastisement for our peace was upon Him,
And by His stripes we are healed."
Isaiah 53:5

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Emotional Response with Essential Oils

The following excerpt from The Essential Oils Desk Reference, 4th edition by Essential Science Publishing provides some excellent basic information as we delve into the subject of emotional wellness this month.

Essential oils play an important role in assisting people to move beyond emotional barriers. The aldehydes and esters (naturally occurring plant chemicals) of some essential oils are very calming and sedating to the central nervous system(including both the sympathetic and parasympathetic systems). These substances allow us to relax instead of letting anxiety build up in our body.

Anxiety creates an acidic condition that activates the transcript enzyme which then transcribes that anxiety on the RNA template and stores it in the DNA. That emotion then becomes predominant in our lives from that moment on.

When we encounter an emotionally charged situation, instead of being overwhelmed by it, we can diffuse essential oils, put them in our bath, or wear them as cologne. The aromatic molecules absorb into the bloodstream from the nasal cavity to the limbic system. They will activate the amygdala (the memory center for fear and trauma) and sedate and relax the sympathetic/parasympathetic system.

The oils help support the body in minimizing the acid that is created so that it does not initiate a reaction with the transcript enzyme.

Because essential oils affect the amygdala and pineal gland in the brain, they can help the mind and body by releasing emotional trauma and sharpening focus.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Quote of the Week

For in the true nature of things,

if we rightly consider,

every green tree is far more glorious

than if it were made of gold and silver.

- Martin Luther

Thursday, April 2, 2009

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How to use: For topical or aromatic use. Diffuse; use as a cologne or perfume; apply over heart; or enjoy as a body massage blended with a massage oil base.

Ingredients: Bergamot (Citrus bergamia), ylang ylang (Cananga odorata), geranium (Pelargonium graveolens), rosewood (Aniba rosaeodora), lemon (Citrus limon), mandarin (Citrus reticulata), jasmine (Jasminum officinale), Roman chamomile (Chamaemelum nobile), palmarosa (Cymbopogon martinii), and rose (Rosa damascena).

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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

April is National Autism Awareness Month

Aromatherapy has the ability to affect the limbic system, the deepest emotional center of the brain. It is a wonderful tool for promoting healing in neurological/emotional imbalances. During the month of April, I will be posting with a focus on the subject of autism, ADD/ADHD, and using essential oils for emotional wellness. Stay tuned!