Tuesday, November 18, 2014


Tuesday, November 18th at 7:30pm CST Intro To Young Living:Business 101 

Conference: 724-707-2682 PIN: 05308 URL: www.uberconference.com/oilsforwellness
We will cover YL basics of placing an order, getting acquainted with VO, commission qualifications, educational resources and ideas for getting started sharing the oils with others.

Thursday, December 4th at 7:30pm CST Young Living Business 201 

Conference: 724-707-2682 PIN: 05308 URL: www.uberconference.com/oilsforwellness We will cover team building, event/class planning, marketing ideas, and details on the Rising Star bonus.

Saturday, January 10th at 10am and Friday January 16th at 7pm 

Dr Mom's Everyday Aromatherapy: Natural Stress Relief
901 4th Street, Hudson, WI
Ring in 2015 with ways to discover a healthier new you! We will be learning about how natural plant oils can help soothe seasonal, menstrual, and post trauma blues, food cravings, addictive habits, and the ups and downs of emotions that have an impact on our overall well being.
Investment: $20 per person (spouses attend free) includes materials, sampling, and take home project. Class size limited to 10, seats are reserved upon receipt of paid registration. Please indicate WHICH DATE you plan to attend. REGISTER BY DECEMBER 31st! 
 POSTAL REGISTRATION: Check payable to Jennifer Nordin, 901 4th Street, Suite 5, Hudson, WI 54016. For more information call 651-503-9402
ONLINE REGISTRATION: http://www.oilsforwellness.myevent.com/

Saturday, January 17th, 9am-1pm 

Dr Mom's Everyday Aromatherapy: Raindrop Massage for the Whole Family
Investment: $49 per person for 4 hour workshop includes classroom and hands on practice--plus each participant (or one per married couple) must purchase a Raindrop Kit to bring to class. CLASS LIMITED TO 6 PARTICIPANTS, please call to register. 651-503-9402

Tuesday, January 27th at 6pm and Saturday, January 31st at 10am 

Dr. Mom's Everyday Aromatherapy: Natural Stress Relief
113 2nd Street (Croixview Chiropractic) Hudson, WI
REGISTER BY JANUARY 20TH! Payment can be dropped off at Croixview Croixview Family Chiropractic
OR POSTAL REGISTRATION: Check payable to Jennifer Nordin, 901 4th Street, Suite 5, Hudson, WI 54016. For more information call 651-503-9402
OR ONLINE TICKETS: http://oilsforhealth.myevent.com/

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Essential Oil Remedies for Seasonal Allergies

Spring has arrived and so has the onset of seasonal allergies. Approximately 20% of the U.S. population suffers from allergic diseases, with the most common seasonal allergy being allergic rhinitis. Early spring triggers tree pollen season followed by grasses in late spring and early summer as well as weaker pollens in late summer. Allergic intolerance can trigger your respiration, swelling, itching, digestive tract, sneezing and congestion.

Listed below are my preferred choices of Young Living Essential Oils used during allergy season.

Runny Nose - Melaleuca Alternafolia, Lavender, Harmony.
Application: Rub oils on sternum and inhale.

Sinus Pressure - Eucalyptus Blue, Rosemary or Breath Again.
Application: Rub oils on either side of the nose or tent head over pot of hot water with a few drops of oil.

Rash - Peppermint, Melrose or Thieves Toothpaste.
Application : Dilute with V6 and rub on rash. (Toothpaste works great on Poison Ivy.)

Headache - Peppermint or Deep Relief Application: Apply to temples, back of the neck and forehead.

Sore Throat - Thieves Lozenges (Hard or Soft), Lemon or Wintergreen. Application: Gargle with Thieves mouthwash. Apply oils to neck.

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Every Mom Can Be Dr. Mom with Essential Oils

Yes, every mom can be Dr.Mom with essential oils! Want to become an oil mom too? Visit my website for all the details to get started. If you want to chat with a real mom that has over 13 years of experience using everyday aromatherapy as natural medicine call my direct line at 651-503-9402.
Happy Oiling, Jen

Monday, April 1, 2013

Join the Biggest Blog Party of the Year!

Ultimate Blog Party 2013
Welcome to Oils For Wellness!
About me...I am a Christian wife, mom to a 6 year old, massage therapist, and wellness consultant. Hudson, WI is my hometown (and I think one of the most beautiful places to live). Besides natural medicine, my interests include: reading, singing, running, traveling, writing, shopping for bargains, hosting parties, and cooking. You will find 2 prize donations for the Ultimate Blog Party from Oils For Wellness, valued at $100 and $50. Go visit the UBP Prize Page to find out what they are! Be sure to subscribe to my free aromatherapy newsletter and browse recipes and healthy meal ideas at my Wildtree website. Happy blog hopping, and please do leave a comment so we can get acquainted!
Yours in wellness, Jen

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Spring Event Calendar

Spring Event Calendar
April Charity Open House
Benefits Halos of Hudson
Tuesday, April 16th, 11:30am-5:30pm
5-10 Minute Chair Massage Sessions
Coffee, Tea, Cocoa for Donation
FREE Wildtree Food Tasting
Ningxia Red Juice Bar – $2 SHOTS
 Door Prize Drawing
Wildtree Freezer Meal Workshop $75 per person
"Homestyle Meals" 10 recipes feeds 4-6 each
Tuesday, April 30th, 6:30-8:30pm
*RSVP by phone to purchase Wildtree Bundle by April 15th*
Jennifer Nordin's Home-contact for directions
Contact Jennifer: 651-503-9402

Natural MEDS Workshop $25 per person
Emotional Connections to Health: Good Mood Oils
Saturday, April 20th, 10am-11:30am, RSVP 4/15

Natural MEDS Workshop **FREE Intro Class **
Dr, Mom’s First Aid with Everyday Aromatherapy
Saturday, May 18th, 10am-11;30am, RSVP 5/15
Open House & Classes: 901 4th Street, Hudson, WI
Contact Jennifer: 651-503-9402

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Spring Cleaning Naturally with Essential Oils

Cleaning with Essential Oils

It can be daunting to live a healthier lifestyle, and one of the last areas you may think to change is your cleaning products. Most modern cleaning products require certain chemicals and surfactants (or cleansing agents) to make them work, and you should know what they are and their potential affects. It’s also important to find ways to limit your exposure to these toxins, and learn about safe, effective alternatives.

Here’s a quick run-down of some common cleaning chemicals, along with some of the many places you may see them:
  • DEA (Diethanolamine)—Found in more than 600 home and personal care products, such as shampoos, conditioners, bubble baths, lotions, cosmetics, soaps, laundry and dishwashing detergents. Suspected of carcinogenic activity (causing or contributing to cancer) or of being potentially dangerous or hazardous to health.
  • Propylene Glycol—The main ingredient found in anti-freeze; also common in shampoos, deodorants, cosmetics, lotions, toothpastes, processed foods, baby wipes, and many more personal care items. Implicated in contact dermatitis, kidney damage, and liver abnormalities; can inhibit skin cell growth in human tests and can damage cell membranes causing rashes, dry skin, and surface damage.
  • Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS)—Industrial uses include concrete floor cleaners, engine degreasers, and car wash detergents. Also found in shampoos, liquid soaps, conditioners, cleansers, toothpaste, and children’s personal care products. SLS is found in nearly all toothpastes, and is absorbed through skin contact and retained for up to five days.
  • Talc—Chemically similar to asbestos, talc has been inked to ovarian cancer. It’s found in many body and baby powders, as well as many cosmetics.
  • Alcohol—Most mouthwash products have a higher alcohol content than most alcoholic beverages (beer, wine, etc). Mouthwash products with alcoholic content greater than 25 percent have been linked to cancers of the mouth, tongue, and throat. Alcohol acts as a solvent inside the mouth, making tissues more vulnerable to carcinogens.

Essential Oil Cleaning Solutions
It may not be possible or cost effective to avoid all of these chemicals in your cleaning and personal care products, but there are plenty of ways to reduce your family’s exposure to them. Using therapeutic-grade essential oils, as a natural household cleaner, is a safe, effective alternative to many store-bought cleaning products. Some of the best essential oils for cleaning include cinnamon, clove, eucalyptus, thyme, spruce, lemon, lemongrass, and grapefruit. Try some of the following ideas for a powerful, natural clean:

Household cleaner:

  • Fill a spray bottle with water and a squirt of dishwashing soap.
  • Add 3–5 drops each of lavender, lemon, and pine essential oils.
  • Shake well.

Floor cleaner:

  • Add 1/4 cup white vinegar to a bucket of water.
  • Add 5–10 drops lemon, pine, spruce, melaleuca, or Purification essential oil.

Fighting dust mites:

  • Recent research has shown that eucalyptus essential oil kills dust mites that live in bedding.
  • Add 25 drops of eucalyptus essential oil to each load of laundry for an effective dust mite deterrent.

Hot tubs and saunas:

  • Use 3 drops per person of lavender, cinnamon, clove, eucalyptus, thyme, lemon, or grapefruit to disinfect and freshen the water.
  • For saunas, add several drops rosemary, thyme, pine, or lavender to a spray bottle with water and spray surfaces. This water can also be used to splash onto hot sauna stones.

Kitchens and bathrooms:

  • Mix into 1 quart water: 2 drops rosemary, 4 drops lemon, 3 drops eucalyptus, and 4 drops lavender.
  • Shake well and put into a spray bottle. Shake again before using.

Window cleaner:

  • Mix in 1 quart spray bottle: 1 cup White Vinegar, 10-15 drops of Lemon Essential Oil, water.
  • Mix vinegar and water in spray bottle.
  • Add essential oil.
  • Shake and use.

Stain Removal:

  • Use a drop or two of lemon essential oil on stains.
  • Let stand and rub off with a clean cloth or throw into laundry cycle.

In the Dryer:

  • Instead of using toxic and irritating softening sheets in the dryer, toss in a dampened washcloth with 10 drops of lavender, lemon, melaleuca, bergamot, or other oils added.
  • While the oils will not reduce static cling, they will impart a lovely fragrance to the clothes.

Young Living’s Most Popular Oils for Cleaning

To learn more and order pure essential oils visit my website or use Enroller/Sponsor ID #329194 (Jennifer Nordin) to purchase the Young Living products mentioned in this post.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

2012 In The Rearview Mirror

Hello friends! Just like life after 2012, this blog goes on.... I miss writing, and while I have somewhat abandoned my posts (pun intended), Oils For Wellness has enjoyed an abundant year with exciting new changes. Here are some highlights:

  • Natural MEDS Workshops are now being held every 3rd Saturday of the month with growing attendance. A different topic each month and quarterly free introductory class on essential oils.
  • My Young Living Essential Oils team experienced the highest sales volume EVER in 12 years and more than doubled our organization volume in 2012 plus a record number of personally enrolled distributors.
  • I have added Wildtree Herbs infused oils, spices, marinades, and natural meal solutions to my product line! Wildtree products are available on my website and I also will be stocking inventory as well.
  • The Facebook silent auction in August raised almost $1,000 for clean water projects in Africa. Many area businesses donated generously to sponsor my half marathon trail run in September with Team World Vision. 
  • Oils For Wellness now has an actual HQ, Suite 10, adjacent to my massage studio where clients can relax,pray, read, journal and sample/shop wellness products.
  • The Holiday Open House on December 15th was a great success. Clients and friends enjoyed delicious food by Wildtree, got a special deal on massage, and contributed to Hurricane Sandy Relief by purchasing shots at the Ningxia Red juice "bar".
Have a blessed and healthy 2013!