Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The Judgement On Vaccines Is In?

This email from Generation Rescue was sent to me today. Please take the time to read the linked articles and information. Excellent resource for all parents !

Breaking News! - Jim Carrey responds about vaccines and the media.

Jim Carrey responds to CNN anchor Campbell Brown's commentary on the controversial Mumps, Measles, and Rubella vaccine in his article, "The Judgment on Vaccines is in?" on the Huffington Post.

Be sure to read Jim Carrey's personal letter addressing the tragedy of vaccines, autism, neurological disorders and chronic illness in our country today.

Please support our "Autism Whisperer" by leaving your comments after reading the article on the Huffington Post. To read the scientific support used for Jim Carrey's article on vaccines, causative factors of autism visit our Lincoln Memorial Page (you'll understand when you read the article) and our new but already infamous site

Sincerely, The team at Generation Rescue

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Cascia Talbert said...

Great information. It is sad but some vaccines are linked to autism. Thank you for sharing this!