Friday, January 15, 2010

Help Young Living Help Haiti

Help Us Help Haiti!

Tuesday, January 12, the worst earthquake in 200 years struck the island nation of Haiti, leaving utter decimation in its wake. While we still don’t know the full extent of the damage, we can be confident that an already fierce, daily struggle to survive has taken a disastrous turn for many Haitians.

Thousands are feared dead, and without adequate water, food, shelter, and medical care the survivors won’t last long. There is an immediate need for worldwide support of the Haitian people.

In order to provide much needed funds, Young Living has partnered with The D. Gary Young Foundation: Young Living Outreach, and from now until January 31, 2010, 10% of all proceeds from the sale of lavender and Peace & Calming® essential oils will go directly to relief organizations working in Haiti.

We have the opportunity to help make a difference. Haiti’s infrastructure is completely demolished. The people of Haiti have no clean water to drink, no electricity, and all hospitals and aid centers have been severely damaged or destroyed entirely.

If you or anyone you know uses these oils, help us give more by increasing your order this month, and pass this message on to anyone who would be interested.

You can also make a monetary donation through The D. Gary Young Foundation: Young Living Outreach.

The need is immediate. Please help.

Item No.: 3575
Retail customer Price: $27.30
Wholesale Price: $20.75

Peace & Calming
Item No.: 3393
Retail Customer Price: $43.09
Wholesale Price: $32.75
Please order these products through my secure Oils For Wellness website and the proceeds will automatically be donated to Haiti emergency efforts.
Thanks so much, Jen


PJ said...

that's a wonderful thing that you are doing.


Pennie said...

Jen, if I were to make rice warming bags for the SAMmy's retreat and use the Young LIving lavendar oil, how much oil would I add to each bag - they will be the size of a regular warming bag that you would put around your neck and warm in the microwave? We need to make 50 of them... I'm just tossing around ideas, for now...

OilGirl said...

PJ, Young Living as a company gives a great deal to charity, it is wonderful to be part of!

Here is a site that has a great tutorial on rice bags with essential oils. Corn works very well too and I've heard that it doesn't tend to get a rancidy smell which rice can after awhile.

If you do decide to make them for SAMmys, I will be happy to donate the Lavender oil. :)

Oh, just FYI...If you are going to make long bags for around the neck it is important to sew channels in the tube of fabric so all the rice doesn't slide to one end!