Tuesday, September 29, 2009

NEW Aromatherapy Roll On: Stress Away

Hark, all ye vanilla lovers! Young Living just launched a new essential oil blend that contains pure vanilla. Oh, yes, I am tickled to pieces because many people in the past have asked me if Young Living has anything with a vanilla scent!

Introducing Stress Away™ Essential Oil Roll-On—the perfect on-the-go solution for everyday stress relief!The new Stress Away™ Roll-On is the first product to feature the relaxing combination of Young Living Therapeutic Grade™ (YLTG) lime essential oil and vanilla absolute! With an invigorating scent, Stress Away’s unique aroma includes lavender and copaiba essential oils to reduce mental rigidity and restore equilibrium, while key naturally-occurring constituents cedrol and eugenol reduce nervous tension*. A splash of Ocotea essential oil—Young Living’s newest oil from Ecuador—adds an exotic touch.

Did You Know?
The take-anywhere portability of the Stress Away Roll-On allows you to manage stress even when on the go*.
The vanilla in Stress Away doesn't contain water, like most absolutes on the market.
Regular lime oil, like most citrus oils, contains coumarins that are potentially photosensitizing and damaging to the skin. YLTG lime essential oil is coumarin-free to minimize skin sensitivity, especially when in the sun! Pick up Stress Away for a natural solution to everyday stress!


Kari said...

Sounds like something I want to invest in. I think the scent of oils is so beneficial in certain aspects of our life. For calming, excitement, anxiety, etc. Thanks for always sharing these finds!

Jennifer Nordin, LMT, CPT said...

Hi Kari! Essential oils are a huge part of my everyday life. Young Living is a wonderful holistic community to be part of because I have learned so much about how to keep my family healthy using essential oils as an alternative to harmful chemical products and medications.

I brought one of the StressAway roll ons home from convention. Very yummy scent! I keep it in my purse in case my son gets restless in the car. He loves it!

jamaise said...

I LOVE Youn Living - the only thing I've tried are Theives products and I just have to try more. I am adding you as one of my wishes at the Ultimate Blog Party :)

Becky said...

I love roll-on oils. I've never heard of Young Living- I'll have to check it out.

Tami @ This Mom's Delight said...

I've never used essential oils, but am curious! Feel free to email me a newsletter or anything that might help me decide on usage.

Unknown said...

This looks like a great idea. I could use it next time I have o pick up my son at the detention center.

The Artful Hawaiigirl said...

Hi, I am also participating in the UBP10 Ultimate Blog Party and offering beautiful prizes at my Party Post and INTL#7 . I chose and linked you Aromatherapy oils as one of my choices too! Come visit me and comment for a chance to win.
~ Marilyn

dawns41 said...

Hello Im party hopping from the UBP! Thanks for participating.


Michelle Smith said...

Hi, I'm also stopping by from the UBP. I have heard of YL before, so I had to stop and see this prize. Looks like something I'd enjoy!