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Young Living Convention Workshops= Priceless Education

Young Living Essential Oils is holding their annual Grand Convention September 16th-19th in Minneapolis, Minnesota this year. Many people wonder what goes on at Young Living's Grand Convention. If you enroll to become a Young Living independent distributor before convention and purchase a Start Living kit, you can attend this amazing educational opportunity for just $50 (regularly $125)!
Enhance your personal well being and perhaps become inspired to help others by sharing the gift of Young Living essential oils. To enroll click here and click sign up, select Independent Distributor, then choose a Start Living kit. Once you get a member number you can register for Grand Convention by phone or online. Below are some of the workshops attendees can choose from and I will be posting on the keynote speakers later this week.
Hope to see you there!

Over 20 educational workshops on a variety of topics—there's sure to be something for everyone!

Leading Large: Skills for building & leading your "dream team"By Mary Christensen, best-selling author and president of the Direct Selling Association of New Zealand
Description: Learn to build your business utilizing the seven principles of personal, team, and business leadership while serving as a respected role model and mentor.

Yoga Essentials: Simple & effective therapies integrating essential oils with yoga By Rodney Yee & Colleen Saidman-Yee, world-famous yoga instructors

The Mind-Body Connection: Quantum physics & essential oils By Dr. David Stewart, PhD
Description: The science of essential oils involves both physics and chemistry, in combination with the human heart and mind. This is an interactive workshop where you can learn how oils, science, thought, feeling, and prayer maximize the benefits of essential oils.

Essential Oils & Emotional Well-Being By Debra Raybern ND, MH, ICA, CNC; Dr. Benjamin Perkus, Young Living Platinum; & Carl Janicek, Young Living Platinum
Description: Young Living’s first-ever panel discussion. Experts will address how essential oils can help us move beyond emotional barriers and enjoy a greater quality of life. Topics of discussion will be emotional behaviors and psychological conditions like anxiety, depression, fear, guilt, anger, sadness, and trauma.

Insulin Overload: What's causing the rising tide of syndrome X and diabetes and what to do about it By Dr. Thomas Reed, board-certified medical and surgical specialist

Essential Oils Healing & Relief: A case studyBy Dr. Larry Padgett, MD Orthopedic Surgery & Dr. Jamie Naughright, PT
Description: Hear nationally-recognized orthopedic surgeon Dr. Larry Padgett and his colleague, Dr. Jamie Naughright, as they walk you through a case study of a knee injury. Padgett will address prevention, evaluation, and treatment of acute and chronic injuries related to physical activities, and will explain how the use of essential oils can help relieve pain and inflammation while accelerating recovery.

Young Living as a Vehicle to Wellness, Purpose, & Abundance By Connie McDanel, Young Living Diamond
Description: Learn how to communicate, mentor, and build your business the right way! Connie McDanel will explain the basics of the Young Living opportunity in less than ten minutes, what common objections to prepare for, and the skills and strategies to make a living and a difference in the lives of others. This workshop will serve as a quick guide—complete with outline—to growing leaders so you know how to best support your Young Living organization.

Feel Alive at 55: A lesson in aging gracefullyBy Teri Secrest, Young Living Diamond Description: Discover 12 ways to enjoy a life of longevity and vitality with NingXia Red— including delicious recipes for NingXia Red power shakes—by examining the ingredients and the positive affects they have on the body. This workshop also includes tips on how to get your clients to take part in the 90-day NingXia Red challenge.

Build to Last: Finding, motivating, & inspiring members for life By Shannon Hudson, Young Living Gold, & Ashlin Burton, manager—marketing communications, Young Living Description: This dynamic duo will present the critical components to making a strong Young Living presentation. You will learn about delivering a powerful experience from introduction to membership. Shannon will share her fantastic 12-week wellness education and business series.

More Than a Party: Hosting a successful Home Experience By Karla Berger, Young Living Gold, & Star Moree, Young Living Gold
Description: Learn to share Young Living products in the comfort of your own home. This workshop will introduce the newest Young Living kit. You will also receive education from two successful distributors who use their own homes for sharing the Young Living vision.

Click Here: Successful online marketing strategies By Rich Nelson, Web Marketing Specialist, Young Living
Description: Learn how to multiply your power of one online. This is an information-packed session that will include easy-to-implement strategies to build and promote your business via the Internet. Topics will include: Search Engine Optimization 101, Pay-Per-Click, The Do's and Don'ts of a Website, Online Promotional Tools, and a Q&A session.

Animal Oilers: Essential oils & pet health By Nancy Weber, Young Living Gold
Description: Learn how the mind, body, and spirit of our companions can be supported with Young Living essential oils and supplements.

The Young Living Difference: How & why YLTG oils are the ones that work By Marc Schreuder, director of product formulation, Young Living; Dr. Peter Minke, PhD; & Vicky StewartDescription: Explore what it means to be Young Living Therapeutic Grade™ (YLTG). Workshop will include information on how Young Living verifies and tests the potency of essential oils, and examples of YLTG oils that are easily adulterated and how Gas Chromatograph and Mass Spectrometer analysis catches them.

The Red Life: Energize, fortify, & replenish your business with NingXia Red. Moderated by Young Living distributors: April Travis, Carol & Ben Howden, James Niederland, Janie Leek, Karen Douglas, Kortni Harting, Linda Martin, Mary Ann Wallace, Martha Wertz, Mary Starr Parmley, and Tracy Ulrich

Natural or Not? Ensure your products are as safe & non-toxic as you thinkBy Janet McBride, Young Living Platinum, & Steve Pitcher, director of product development, Young Living

Sweet Dreams: Natural remedies for improved sleep & relaxation By Dr. Cole Woolley, PhD

Real Solutions for 7 Top Women's Health Concerns By Dr. Dan Purser, MD Description: Dr. Purser will detail protocols using Young Living products that dramatically ease PMS and menopause concerns. He will also show how correcting these hormonal imbalances creates a cascade of other benefits that reduce the risk of top health concerns, such as cardiovascular disease and breast cancer, as well as chronic conditions like migraines, osteoporosis, and fibromyalgia.

The Good Life: Reaching financial abundance with the YL comp plan By Mike McLean, general manager—the Americas, Dave Goodman, regional business director & Jordan Gould, regional account manager.

Young Living International Horizons By Matt Warner, vice president of international markets, Young Living La Vida Young Living By Victor Darquea, latino business manager, Young LivingFUNdamentals of Financial Management By Steve Bentley, chief financial officer, Young Living.

A Dangerous Flame: What you need to know about inflammation & essential oils By Marc Schreuder, director of product formulation, Young Living. Description: Learn about inflammation and its connection to modern degenerative diseases. Focus is on the history of copaiba, its unique sourcing process, as well as how and why it is the most effective essential oil against inflammation. Also includes a summary of essential oil research.

Motivate & Organize with Sales Tools: By Sound Concepts

Essential Oils Education Tools: By YL Wisdom

If you need assistance with enrolling as a Young Living independent distributor to enjoy wholesale prices on your products and go to convention for just $50 ,please contact me via the Ask The Aromatherapist message box on my sidebar.

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