Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Quote of the Week

Never Be Discouraged
There is really nothing we need know
or even try to understand
If we refuse to be discouraged
and trust God's guiding hand.
So take heart and meet each minute
with faith in God's great love,
Aware that every day of life
is controlled by God above...
And never dread tomorrow
or what the future brings,
Just pray for strength and courage
and trust God in all things.
And never grow discouraged
be patient and just wait
For "God never comes to early
and He never comes too late!"
Helen Steiner Rice


Obadyah said...

Amen to that Jennifer....If you need more of that go to lwc1.com Pastor Randy Dean's podcasts and blog bring extraordinary hope from an extraordinary God.


Ms. Salubrious said...

LOVE IT!!! Thanks for the meaningful quote to take with me through my week!