Friday, December 26, 2008

What Is Your Wellness Resolution for 2009?

Win An Aromatherapy Sampler
Featuring 9 Essential Oils!
Leave a comment here briefly sharing
WHAT your resolution is
and HOW you plan
to achieve a healthier new you.
Winner will be randomly drawn on January 31st!


wyattjillian said...

My resolution is to get to know essential oils better and find which ones can benefit me personally in my daily life. I was "gifted" theives essential oil for christmas. I was so excited!

angelsinging said...

My wellness resolution for 2009 is to diffuse YL therapeutic grade oils into my home and environment to improve the health and wellness of all of my family members. I am especially determined to keep ADD medications away from my young 12 year old son with high-functioning autism and multiple learning disabilities. In addition, I am a survivor of 2 cancers since 2001, and I am claiming a total healing from all the secondary illnesses this year with the assistance of Biblical and therapeutic grade oils. Many Blessings, Conni-Joi

Joyfull said...

I love the essence of fragrance and would love to research more about essential oils. So glad I found your blog!

Elizabeth said...

Within this last year, we've made leaps and strides to eat healthy foods, live in a toxic-free environment and be a healthier family in any way we can. My sister uses EO's and always talks about the huge impact it's made on their life. It's just one more step to us acheiving our truly healthier lives! : ) How wonderful of you to do this giveaway! Thank you!

OilGirl said...

Great resolutions,ladies! Thanks for your comments.

Tonya said...

Exercise! After having a 5th baby last year, I'm realizing just how much I need to place a priority on keeping my physical body in shape. I plan to strengthen my core and work at my pelvic area - so I can run again. :-) I'm also trying to cut out the coffee every day routine and drink green tea. Tweak the diet a tad too. Oh, and just get outside and enjoy God's creation every day.

jamaise said...

My health goala are to remove bad choices and replace with healthy ones. Cleaning, toiletries, food products. I have a great start, but I'm still learning and working towards that goal.
I am also wanting to do some major cleansing as well.
Your oils look wonderful :))


OilGirl said...

Hi Jamaise,
I just checked out your blog and am going to take part in the Valentine goody swap--what a fun idea!
Great goals! Young Living (see oil drop link on my homepage left sidebar) has a wonderful colon and liver cleansing program using essential oils. Also a 5 day nutritive cleanse that is easy to do. As we get closer to spring I will be posting more on the subject of cleansing. Here in Wisconsin, I have to do my cleanse in spring/summer or I get so cold it drives me crazy! :)

Pia said...

for 2009 i've decided to put inside God's Care Box everything that's weighing me down. i used to worry a lot and fix things myself, my way and it didn't work! this way, i wouldn't need to worry too much which does my body no good at all plus, i have my hands full of cares but cannot solve them anyway. waste of time and effort.

i will learn to RELAX more and have FAITH on God more. that's what i'm going to do for the whole of 2009.

Stacie said...

My resolution for 2009 is to start taking better care of myself. This means going to bed at a decent hour, eating healhier and making me time to relax, read or meditate.