Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Dear Readers

Hi there! I am thinking about the new year ahead with lots of ideas for information to share here. I welcome your feedback, so please feel free to post comments requesting a specific topic/essential oil that you would like learn more about.

Also if you have a blog and would like to share my link, please save the pink Oils for Wellness...diffusing the fragrance banner as a photo to post on your sidebar or in a blog entry. Add http://oilsforwellness.blogspot.com/ to make the photo clickable. The html code for the banner hasn't been working in some places, so that is why I suggest using this method!


1 comment:

Ms. Salubrious said...

I would love to add this, but was wondering if you could give me a quick run-down of the secret of adding to html...I tried adding CHO icon html code and it kept coming up as "error"! Is there an "inside" on where to place icons like this? thanks!