Sunday, December 7, 2008

Heart Disease, Cholesterol, & EOs Part 2

Keeping in mind that it is the oxidized cholesterol that causes heart disease, our focus for a healthy cardiovascular system should be a plentiful diet of antioxidants.

Clove, (Syzygium aromaticum) is the top antioxidant on the ORAC scale, a device which measures both the time and degree of free radical inhibition and can determine the antioxidant capacity of a substance. Besides its high powered antioxidant ability, clove also acts as a hemostat(blood thinner) and an anti-inflammatory. Those taking a prescription blood thinner such as Warfarin or Coumarin should not take clove oil. The EODR suggests 10 drops of clove oil in a capsule per day as a dietary supplement. When taking oils internally I start with one or two drops and fill the remainder of the capsule with olive oil. Best taken with meals.

Helichrysum (Helichrysum italicum) is a chelator that lowers and regulates cholesterol and reduces blood clotting. This amazing oil may help dissolve hemotomas (blood clots or blood filled tumor), improve blood circulation, as well as balancing blood pressure. It is imperative that the Helichrysum you use is of therapeutic/medicinal grade. It is a very pricy single oil, but in its purest form, worth its weight in gold!!

Also check out Aroma Life, a blend containing Helichrysum has been formulated by Young Living especially for the heart. A drop or two of pure Helichrysum blended with a few drops of Aroma Life (already contains sesame oil as a carrier) can be applied to pulse points where arteries are close to the surface( neck, wrists, inside arm at elbow, etc). Several drops of each of the oils above can be mixed in jojoba or grapeseed oil for a full body massage as well.

Omega Blue (softgels) is an excellent blend of omega fatty acids from fish oil and essential oils. Best taken daily as a nutritional supplement.

A colon and liver cleanse may assist balance in the case of high cholesterol. ICP powder containing oat bran helps bind up fat to prevent it from entering the bloodstream. This cleansing formula also includes Rosemary (Rosmarinus officinalis) which reduces indigestion and improves cholesterol regulation.

Magnesium acts as a smooth muscle relaxant and supports the cardiovascular system. It acts as a natural calcium channel blocker for the heart, lowering blood pressure and dilating blood vessels. (Dr. Terry Friedmann)

This tip is for educational purposes only and is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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