Sunday, May 24, 2009

Young Living Therapeutic Grade: The Preparation

To achieve the amazing healing benefits of essential oils, they must be of the highest therapeutic grade. There is a huge difference between oils that smell good and therapeutic-grade essential oils. The quality of Young Living's pure and potent oils has established credibility with eminent scientists and medical professionals who continue to research and validate the effectiveness of these timeless natural wonders. Below are the Four P's that help explain the Young Living Therapeutic Grade difference.




We covered the importance of plant selection in the last YLTG post, now let's take a look at the meticulous preparation.

Once the optimal soil, plant, cultivation, and harvesting conditions have been adhered to, the plants must be distilled properly in order to meet YLTG standards. Young Living uses a gentle, proprietary technique for steam-extracting the most potent essential oils, which remains unmatched throughout the essential oils industry. This stainless steel distillation process uses low temperatures and pressure to preserve all plant properties and therapeutic constituents.
Using a low, slow distillation process captures the pure essence of the plant and preserves the quality of the essential oils.
To meet Young Living Therapeutic Grade distillation standards, proper temperature must be maintained throughout the distillation process, and pressure, length of time, equipment, and batch size are strictly monitored.
Reported effects of essential oils such as the ones that I post about here on Oils For Wellness are based on results that occur when using pure, unadulterated products. So, do not expect cheap copies that smell similar to natural plant oils to have the same effects. If you do not experience the results you seek, it is not because the oils don't work, but is more likely due to using an adulterated oil, chemically created substitute, or an improperly distilled product. Young Living Essential Oils produces and sources only therapeutic-grade essential oils for inhalation, topical use, and dietary supplements.
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