Friday, May 8, 2009

If My Child Had Autism....

Spring is finally here in the north, so I have been out basking in the sunshine and green landscape instead of blogging dutifully in my basement. No, I have not lost interest in my Blog Sweet Blog, just temporarily detoured by the glorious reawakening of the earth which beckons me outside my office walls!

I've been thinking of a way to close out the topic of autism for April (which is National Autism Awareness Month) in a way that would give parents and caregivers a "checklist" of natural healing methods to explore. From the vast amount of information I have gathered, I decided it might be helpful to simply post a hypothetical checklist that I would use if my child had autism.

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Prayer: Daily, without ceasing! (we parents should be vigilant about this for all of our children)

Diet: I would incorporate KidScents Mightyzyme Chewable Enzymes, Mineral Essence, essential fatty acids, Ningxia Red antioxidant juice, probiotics, and B vitamins with whatever diet recommendations made by our family health practitioner.

Heavy Metal Detoxification: If my child would sit or stand still long enough to have an IONcleanse foot bath session, that could be done weekly to help pull out heavy metals. I would definitely explore other biomedical options such as those highlighted at Generation Rescue. Essential oils are also great chelators of heavy metals. I would use JuvaCleanse Blend and non-fluoride (heavy metal by-product of aluminum) toothpaste such as KidScents Bubble Gum Flavor Toothpaste.

Note:Clinical studies show that an essential oil blend of Helichrysum, Ledum, and Celery Seed (JuvaCleanse) dramatically amplified the elimination from the body of heavy metals, especially mercury, one of the most toxic of all non-radioactive metals. Mercury is particularly damaging to the brain and nervous system because it can pass through blood-brain barrier and accumulate indefinitely in motor neurons. A 2003 clinical study involving a group of four patients tested the effect of three essential Oils on the urinary output of mercury.

Four healthy individuals (ages 27-69) took two capsules per day (approximately 1, 500 mg) of a blend of Helichrysum, Ledum, and Celery Seed (JuvaCleanse). The first urine collection occurred prior to essential oil therapy, with the second and third urine collections occurring two and four days after essential oil therapy had begun. The results showed that all four participants more than doubled their urinary elimination of mercury over the four days of evaluation.

Mood Balance/Attention Deficit: I would diffuse Peace and Calming Blend, Clarity Blend, and Brain Power Blend or Vetiver throughout our home daily to calm anxiety and promote concentration.

Sleep Issues: I would give him/her a nightly bath with Kidscents Bath Gel and diffuse Cedarwood or Sandalwood, both of which help promote proper melatonin production necessary for restful sleep.

Note: Children with autism generally have trouble getting to sleep or staying asleep. Body temperature dips before sleep, which normally causes the pineal gland to release melatonin. But a sluggish gland (such as with autism) may not respond to this subtle change. Soaking in the bathtub for 10 minutes before bedtime has proved helpful since skin temperature will take a dive when out of the tub, jolting the gland into action. According to Daniel G. Amen, M.D., an assistant clinical professor of psychiatry at the University of California, a warm bath reduces sleep-sabotaging electrical activity in the brain's basal ganglia.

Schooling: I would contact those involved in my child's education about diffusing essential oils in the classroom or put a drop of the mood enhancing oils (listed above) on each foot before leaving the house.

Cranial Sacral Therapy: This healing touch modality is phenomenal for physical and emotional unwinding. I would learn this technique or schedule weekly appointments for my child.

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