Sunday, July 18, 2010

AromaTalk Tip of the Week: Cat Fleas

"We found a kitten, near death, filled with fleas and larvae pouches all over his belly. I got a bottle of Young Living's Purification essential oil blend from the car, poured about 10 drops in my hands and started towards him. The fleas started jumping off like in a cartoon! He licked off what I applied, which killed anything internally. "Charlie" is now 6 years old."
~Lynn Bartczak, Downers Grove, IL

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Unknown said...

every single time i come to your blog and read how your oils work, it makes me so sad that i am not able to purchase these. i keep hoping that some day i will be able to get the whole kit, some day...


Jennifer Nordin, LMT, CPT said...

You will, PJ, I know you will be able to get the kit someday! Your support of OFW has meant the world to me from the very beginning, when it was just an itty bitty blog that no one knew about. :)
Blessings, Jen