Friday, October 9, 2009

Spotlight on Terra Cotta Diffuser Pendants & Giveaway

I discovered Lori from Terra Cotta Diffuser Pendants a few years after I became an aromatherapy consultant. Back then they only had a small selection of plain and handpainted designs. Now there is a huge selection of not only pendants, tree ornaments, and car diffusers but also lovely stone diffuser bracelets. These unique pieces of jewelry have been a great conversation starter about essential oils and an excellent addition to my business. They are high quality, inexpensive gifts for clients and friends that I enjoy giving as a bonus gift with orders or for any occasion. I always include a sample vial of one of my favorite Young Living EO blends like Peace and Calming, Highest Potential, Abundance, or Believe.

Terra Cotta Pendants is a family business born in the summer of 2003. How did a Calligrapher, an Artist/Jack-of-all-Trades and their two teenage children come to be making wearable essential oil diffusers? Here's their story!

It started with a question: how could they put the children through university and at the same time provide them with work so they could earn the money themselves! The answer was right under Lori's nose :-) for quite some time before she saw it. It came from an experience she had while teaching Essential Oil Workshops.

At the Workshops she taught about the many ways to use essential oils. When she outlined the benefits of diffusing and inhaling the oils, she showed the piece of clay she had tied around her neck with a piece of leather cord. She explained how, with this wearable diffuser, they could have their oils diffusing into their breathing space wherever they went, throughout the day. They were entranced! As a body they leaned forward, asking where they could get one. This happened again and again at the workshops. She realized pendant diffusers were the perfect accessory to essential oils as they gave people an inexpensive and effective way to begin using essential oils right away!

It was early in June 2003 when they decided they would make wearable clay diffusers.

Alex made the first web site that summer. He was fourteen at the time. He has been improving, updating and maintaining the site since then! He is in his third year at University, and has remained (thankfully!) the remote webmaster!

Natasha designed three of the popular Terra Cotta Pendant designs: Blessed, Moon Goddess and WWJD. She graduated from her first university degree in May of this year!

Auguste is the artist / clay man/ creator of the pendants. He is meticulous in his handling of the clay and has developed trade-secret methods of creating the pendants, minimizing waste and improving output! Every clay piece is care-fully, crafted by his hands.

Lori is the one you talk to when you call! She still does calligraphy - you'll see it on your packages! She loves meeting people, connecting with customer/friends all over the world! Terra Cotta Pendants is an experience that became much more than it was ever conceived to be!
In 2008 Lori discovered gemstones and fell in love. She started playing with them, finding she could string them on elastic jewelry thread with the modified clay piece from our Terra Cotta Pendants to make a bracelet. What an idea! Imagine; an Aromatherapy bracelet to diffuse essential oils!

She wanted the Diffuser Bracelets to feel as good as they looked so she chose only natural elements to complement the terra cotta and gemstone; beads made with nut, seed, melon, coconut, shell, bamboo, wood, and glass. Finally, after hours of research, planning, trial and error, and 60+ hours creating the new pages the Gift Gallery could officially be opened!
That's our story. We hope you enjoy your Terra Cotta Pendants. We love to hear your suggestions and comments. We deeply appreciate your feedback, support and the blessings that you send.
Auguste, Lori, Natasha and Alex
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Anonymous said...

They are all so beautiful! Just the concept of a personal or car diffuser is amazing. I would like the ankh if I were lucky enough to win.

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Best wishes to everyone! Thanks for the promo, Pokie, really appreciate it!

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kei'sblog said...

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