Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Back to Basics

I have decided to add a new weekly posting called EO Facts which will focus on some of the basic aspects of essential oils and aromatherapy. After reviewing my entries from the onset of my blog, I've realized I sort of jumped into posting a lot about the "how to" but have not included much regarding the "what" and "why" of aromatherapy. Some of my readers may be brand new to the concept of using therapeutic essential oils for wellness, so hopefully the EO Facts will be helpful for everyone at different knowledge levels.

Currently I am updating the post labels which will soon be available in alphabetical order on the sidebar for easy reference when looking for a specific topics.

If you are interested in receiving a periodic ezine about essential oils you may subscribe by dropping me an email at JenniferNordin@marketingscents.com

Please feel free to "bug" me with questions you may have or request further information. I enjoy doing personal online aromatherapy consultations and offer them free of charge with no obligation. Young Living is the company that sources my oils and I do receive commission should you decide to purchase which helps cover the cost of this service.

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