Saturday, October 25, 2008

PMS Clinical Aromatherapy Research Project

Got moderate/severe PMS symptoms? I am looking for 10-12 women to participate in a clinical aromatherapy research project using pure, therapeutic lavender oil.

To receive your free lavender oil and simple feedback form, please send me an email at including your name, address, and phone number. Serious inquiries only please.

Participants must be willing to apply lavender essential oil (premixed with pure jojoba oil) to abdomen, low back, legs, or wherever needed prior and during menstrual cycle for 3 consecutive months. Then circle outcome on an easy questionaire each month.

The relief from stress and cramping has been phenomenal with this oil, so give it a try and help me finish my research project!


Meridith said...

ooooooooo.... Lavender is one of my favs!!!

Just found your blog on LWG blogroll and can't wait to read more... I love natural healing & EO's!!

OilGirl said...

Hello Meridith, thanks for visiting! :)