Tuesday, October 21, 2008

National Infertility Awareness Week

Before I posted my last article on perfume and infertility, I did not know that there was a National Infertility Awareness Week! So this is a very timely subject for the focus of my blog this month.

Here is Part Two of The Fragrant Deception: Perfume and Infertility.

We can grumble about the onslaught of chemical fragrances out there but where does the true responsibility rest? There are some environments we cannot control, but we can make choices about what we put in our shopping carts and allow in our homes. If you have products that are synthetically fragranced there is a way to solve this problem. THROW THEM AWAY and replace them with unscented items.

Be aware that labels can say "natural", "green", and "botanical" and contain synthetic chemical fragrances. Look for anything on the label that lists FRAGRANCE OR PARFUM--do not purchase.

Here are some ideas for items to toss in your Toxic Box:

Perfumes and colognes, cosmetics

Scented powders, lotions, creams (remember baby stuff too)

Scented laundry soap, softener, dryer sheets

Scented candles, gels, potpourri

Air freshener sprays, Plug Ins

Scented shampoos, conditioners, hair spray

Scented deodorants, anti perspirants

Household Cleaners

Toilet tank drop ins

Scented toilet paper and feminine products

Scented toys

In an effort to keep my posts fairly short, I will share information about using essential oils for fragrancing and hormone balance in the next entry.

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