Thursday, July 10, 2008

That Necessary Disclaimer

Many of you are looking forward to discussing tips and usage of essential oils which makes it necessary for me to clarify that I cannot diagnose or prescribe for any disease or illness. Holistic aromatherapy is about wellness and helping the body enable itself to heal rather than curing or treating symptoms of illness.I can tell you about my experiences or what I may do in a certain situation. Most of the time I will refer to the one of the best user friendly resources about therapeutic/medicinal essential oils, The Essential Oils Desk Reference by Essential Science Publishing.

I intend on freely sharing my philosophy about aromatherapy, medicine, and healing from a Christian perspective, however this is not a "Christians only" blog. Everyone is welcome and I ask that contributors in discussions would extend grace to any opposing opinions of other commenting visitors.

Since this blog is related to my aromatherapy business, there will be promotion of Young Living Essential Oils which is the world leader in production and distribution of therapeutic/medicinal grade essential oils and supplements. I have used these extremely pure oils with consistent satisfaction and results for over 8 years which is why I continue to be an independent consultant with the company. The quality of their product is simply outstanding. However, please be aware that while I wholeheartedly promote Young Living's products, I do not personally endorse all of the content and philosophies on their website/links, trainings, or publications. Young Living appeals to customers with a wide spectrum of beliefs, so please bear that in mind. Essential oils do have the ability to affect the emotional and spiritual dimension of our health.... and that is a WHOLE other post!

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