Saturday, April 25, 2009

Aromatherapy For Autism and ADD/ADHD

This information (which I have edited for length), was compiled by Amanda at Healthlineonline, a forum on essential oils. Below is a list of Young Living Essential Oils helpful for ADD/ADHD and autism spectrum disorders. In the next post I will spotlight some of these single oils and blends as well as beneficial nutritional supplements with more details for practical use.

According to Dr. Stephanie Cave in her book titled What Your Doctor May NOT Tell You About Children's Vaccinations, "The biggest improvement comes when the toxic metals are removed from the children's bodies. We have seen nearly complete recovery in many of the two to seven year old children."Therapeutic essential oils have the ability to detoxify and remove metallics from our bodies!

For both ADHD/ADD and autism, stimulation of the limbic region of the brain may also help treat these disorders. The aromas from therapeutic essential oils have a powerful ability to stimulate this part of the brain, since the sense of smell is tied directly to the mind's emotional and hormonal centers. As a result, the aroma of an essential oil has the potential to exert a powerful influence on ADD/ADHD and autism.

In a two year case study (1999-2001) Dr. Terry Friedmann M. D. found significant results when children that had previously been diagnosed with ADD/ADHD were administered therapeutic essential oils by inhalation.The essential oils of Brain Power, Vetiver, Lavender, and Cedarwood were used.

The oils were administered in this fashion: one oil was administered by inhalation 3 times per day for 30 days. An inhalation device (diffuser) was also used at night to administer a continuous inhalation of oil.The inhalation of the oils proved to settle the children's brain waves back into normal patterns and improved their scholastic performance and behavioral patterns.

The final results were:

Lavender increased performance by 5%,

Cedarwood increased performance by 83%

Vetiver increased performance by 100%.

Essential oils have the ability to detoxify and oxygenate the body, something that research has been found to help these special children .


Brain Power: Supports concentration and mental clarity.

Frankincense: Very stimulating to the limbic system of the brain.

Cedarwood: Calming and purifying.

Lavender:Calming and relaxing to nervous system.

Peace and Calming: May reduce anxiety, stress, depression.

Valor: Detoxifying, promotes courage and self-esteem

Vetiver: Sedating, grounding, mood stabilizing

Joy: Uplifting, may help for depression.

All of the Young Living KidScents bath and body products are also beneficial since they do not contain petrochemicals and other toxic ingredients as most commercial brands do.

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Cascia Talbert said...

That's amazing what essential oils can do for you. My children do not have autism or ADHD but they do have trouble sleeping at night, especially my 3 year old. Maybe lavender will help her sleep.

Victorious1 said...

Great information - thanks for posting this!

Bubbly Ideas said...

Wow.. this is the first time I know about this. Thanks!! Great info. - My Weight Loss Diet

Unknown said...

I read your blog post on ADHD and essential oils. I was hoping for a recipe to use in my ultrasonic diffuser. Vetiver, lavender, and cedarwood--equal parts?

Jennifer Nordin, LMT, CPT said...

I would suggest using each single oil separately at first so you can see which one may work the best for your specific situation. Vetiver and a Young Living citrus blend called Peace and Calming is good for focused calming which is better suited for studying and activities. Cedarwood and lavender is helpful in promoting melatonin production for relaxation and sleep--you could use those together or separately at night.Roman Chamomile is a very nice addition to those two "sleepy time" oils. :)